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Jaguar Land Rover has achieved a number of environmental targets to date. Alongside record sales growth. We have transformed our business by investing in renewable technologies and refurbishing our facilities.

Between 2007 and 2014/15 we achieved:

  • 25% reduction in our European Fleet average tailpipe CO2 emissions. (Ahead of schedule)
  • 30% reduction in operational CO2 emissions and Water per vehicle delivered. (Ahead of schedule)
  • 79% reduction in Manufacturing waste landfilled per vehicle
  • 100% UK Manufacturing Assembly CO2 emissions offset (for all Jaguar vehicles built since April 2010)


Jaguar Land Rover's Corporate Sustainability Report 2014/15 demonstrates our commitment to operating as a responsible business, creating strong foundations for sustainable, profitable growth.

Data and in-depth commentary show the progress we have made in 2014/15 towards our 2020 objectives for Our People and Culture, Our Research, Design and Innovation, Operations and Supply Chain, Our Vehicles in Use and our Wider Contribution.

Click here to download Jaguar Land Rover's Sustainability Report Click here to download Jaguar Land Rover's Sustainable development policy Click here to download Jaguar Land Rover's GRI Index