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We provide Classic parts to thousands of owners worldwide, and aim to offer the highest level of service and quality genuine products to clients caring for vehicles that have been out of production for ten years or more. All parts are manufactured to Jaguar’s precise specifications by original suppliers whenever possible, with authentic Jaguar drawings and tooling used to ensure 100% authenticity.

Classic Genuine Parts are no mere reproductions. They are accurate recreations of the originals, engineered to the finest tolerances by craftsmen who live and breathe Classic Jaguar. It’s this affinity with the cars and their heritage that brings accuracy, authenticity and a unique spirit to each component part.

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These include the 24-carat gold Golden Growler badge created by the world-famous metal-worker Fattorini, E-type paneling using state-of-the-art 3-D scanning and CAD technology and Classic Accessories and Enhancements like Pirelli P-Zero XJ220 tyres and Castrol fluids.


Staffed by expert engineers and historic car specialists, this facility aims to provide genuine warrantied servicing, restoration and sales assistance for all classic Jaguar models however old they may be.