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    Whatever the weather, it’s weather for your Jaguar.

    • Published: 01/11/16

      Our all-road technologies are there to give you more confidence, no matter what conditions you encounter. Read on to find out just how our driving technology helps you take everything in your stride.

      Pictured: Jaguar XE

      Want more confidence in any conditions?
      Choose All Wheel Drive (AWD)

      Our intuitive All Wheel Drive system was first developed for F-TYPE and is now also available on XE, XF and F-PACE. Jaguar AWD responds intelligently to road conditions, so you can keep the dynamic character of rear wheel drive but have added confidence in all conditions. With its Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) software, Jaguar AWD reacts instantaneously to the road and driver input, helping you to maintain traction and keep your confidence. It takes just 165 milliseconds to read the situation and respond, transferring exactly the right amount of torque to the front wheels when you need it. Power is redistributed between the front and rear wheels up to a 90/10 split - working predictively as well as reactively to stop you losing traction in the first place. Our intelligent AWD system gives you the best of both worlds; rear wheel drive when conditions are clear, and the confidence to carry on when they’re not.

      Pictured: Jaguar XE

      Driving across changing surfaces?
      Switch on Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR)

      Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) is our terrain response technology, working alongside our AWD system in the most challenging of conditions. AdSR alters its response according to the surface to maximise grip, helping you to handle the transition from tarmac to wet grass to gravel to mud with ease.

      AdSR senses friction levels and adapts your car’s throttle response automatically to stop your wheels spinning. When conditions change under your tyres, the different modes blend together seamlessly, so you can continue to drive smoothly even on mixed surfaces. AdSR is available on All Wheel Drive vehicles fitted with Adaptive Dynamics.

      Pictured: Jaguar F-PACE

      Need to get going and keep going in slippery conditions?
      Use All Surface Progress Control (ASPC)

      All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) acts as a low speed cruise control, so you can concentrate on the road – or the muddy track – ahead. Simply set your target speed (from 2mph up to 19mph), and the ASPC system will hold you at exactly that. You can adjust your speed up or down with the cruise control switches while moving, and you’ll maintain your steady speed.

      ASPC automatically controls the throttle and the brakes, giving you added confidence on slippery, loose, or icy surfaces, as well as on undulating terrain. On low-grip surfaces, it can help you pull away first time, and its hill descent function controls your vehicle speed when heading downhill. All you have to do is steer. ASPC is available on vehicles fitted with automatic transmission.

      Pictured: Jaguar F-PACE

      Enjoy any journey with our array of all-weather, all-road technologies. If the temperature drops, you can have confidence on your frosty, early morning commute. Or, you can tackle that muddy overflow car park or rutted countryside driveway at any time of the year. When the conditions get tough, you can rely on our technology to keep you going - pure and simple.

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