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  1. Living Electric with
    Jaguar I‑PACE

    Discover Jaguar I‑PACE’s cutting-edge range technology and charging options, designed for living.

    • Published: 08/08/18 Updated: 27/11/18

      Jaguar I-PACE is a new breed of Jaguar, a sophisticated SUV built around an all-electric powertrain.

      Designed from the ground up to deliver a completely unique driver experience and a range of up to 292 miles*, I-PACE is thrilling to live with and connected like never before. I-PACE can adapt to fit your lifestyle seamlessly, read below for more information around:

      • How to charge I-PACE at home
      • Grants towards the cost of wallbox installation
      • The electric charging network and wallbox suppliers
      • How to charge I-PACE if you live in an apartment
      • How to charge I-PACE while out on the move
      • The time it takes to charge I-PACE
      • Ways to preserve I-PACE’s range

      One of the most noticeable differences when owning an I‑PACE is that visits to the fuel station are a thing of the past.

      I‑PACE is solely powered by a rechargeable battery and two motors which remove the requirement for petrol or diesel to operate. Combined, they deliver 400PS of peak power and a 0-60mph time of 4.5 seconds. The battery is fixed under the body of the car so it doesn’t intrude on the interior cabin space.

      Instead of a fuel filler cap, I‑PACE features a charging connection point, discreetly placed on the front wheel arch. State-of-the-art engineering means that I‑PACE is designed to connect to power sources ranging from a three-pin socket, right up to fast-charging DC charging stations.

      I-PACE’s battery stores the car's energy and two electric motors replace the engine to drive the front and rear wheels.

      This means that whether you live in a house or a flat and have on or off-road parking there are a huge range of options to keep your battery topped up, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an electric vehicle, hassle free.


      Just as you would put your phone on charge in the evening, popping I‑PACE on charge overnight will enable you to recharge the battery ready for travel the next day.

      For optimum charging at home – and ideal if you have off-street parking – an AC wall box is recommended. Installation is quick and simple and can be set up at home or your apartment building with the relevant permits and appropriate electrical supply.

      I‑PACE’s on-board 7kW charger converts AC electricity, taken from the grid by the wall box, into a DC current, used to charge the car.

      A wall box – connecting I‑PACE to a typical 7kW power supply – would enable you to clock up 22 miles of range in one hour**. To get started, simply connect your I‑PACE to the wallbox with the Mode 3 public charging cable that comes as standard with every vehicle. Mode 3 is suitable for universal use and can be used with your home wallbox or public AC charging points.

      If you’ve got more time to leave your I‑PACE connected – when left for 13 hours** – the wallbox will fully recharge your I‑PACE battery from empty to the equivalent full range of 292 miles*. With the average weekly commute estimated at 186 miles you are looking at a required need to charge up only once per week.

      Similarly, the installation of a UK Government recommended wallbox, to enable charging of I‑PACE at your home, also qualifies for the EVHS grant (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme), offering up to £350 towards the cost of your wallbox installation. With installation costing between £834 and £859 with Jaguar-recommended wallbox suppliers, you can look to save just over 58% of the cost of installation through the provided funding.

      Jaguar-recommended wallbox suppliers Chargemaster and Pod point are fully set up to install your wallbox quickly and simply and can apply for the grants on your behalf. If you would prefer to source your own supplier, you can browse a list of Government authorised installers here.


      If you’re not able to install a wallbox at your home or apartment building, such as if you don’t have an allocated parking space or you live in a listed building, I‑PACE can be charged through a three-pin socket, with a Mode 2 Home Charging Cable.

      While slower than a wall box, three-pin socket charging provides up to 7 miles of range per hour** so when left to charge overnight, or eight hours, will provide enough battery to cover 56 miles. This is well over the average daily commute, estimated at 38 miles.

      Mode 2 Home Charging Cables are supplied with a UK-specific domestic three-pin plug. Other cables can be purchased to enable domestic charging while abroad.


      I‑PACE’s technologies put the power in your hands, and the InControl Remote App enables you to plan charging by times that are most cost-efficient, or even stop and start charging from wherever you are.

      Use the InControl Remote App to set the charge of your I‑PACE at a time cheapest for you, review the charge of your I‑PACE at a glance, or even set a maximum state of charge if required.

      The app will also alert you if charging is unexpectedly stopped or if charging has been interrupted due to a lack of power.

      Manage all aspects of charging from your phone with InControl Remote app.

      When heading out for the day, locating convenient charging stations is not an issue.

      I‑PACE’s connected navigation feature, Pro Services, allows you to create door-to-door route planning; monitoring live traffic conditions and highlighting charging points along the way.

      At an increasing number of motorway service stations, shopping centres, hotels, gyms and public car parks, AC charging points are available to top up the battery of your electric vehicle at your convenience, while you’re out on the move.

      Using your Mode 3 public charging cable – the same cable as the one used for your home wallbox – AC public charging points are easy to access and deliver the same 7kW charge rate.

      For added security in public places, the Mode 3 cable locks into place as soon as the car is locked, and cannot be disconnected until the vehicle is unlocked, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to go about your daily activities while I‑PACE tops up.

      I-PACE connected to an AC public charging point with a Mode 3 public charging cable.

      For the speediest charging time of all, I‑PACE connects to DC public charging points, which deliver much higher charge rates of 50kW or 100kW. While 100kW charging points are not yet freely available in the UK, even a 50kW power supply offers up to 168 miles of range per hour**, ideal if you are setting off for a longer journey and are low on battery charge.

      I‑PACE is completely safe to charge in rain or snow as the charging system is entirely self-contained.

      Just like your mobile phone bill, there are many different ways to pay for public charging, such as a subscription model, pre-pay, or pay as you go, so there’s sure to be a method that suits you.

      You can find out more information on public charging facilities near you and the different charging networks by visiting https://www.zap-map.com/


      Even when on the move, I‑PACE is designed with first-of-its kind technology that helps to maximise range across a number of different driving scenarios.

      In heavy stop/start traffic, I‑PACE’s remarkable on-board technology captures kinetic energy generated through braking and deceleration and converts it back into electricity to charge the battery. This cutting-edge Enhanced Regenerative Braking feature is also used in our I-TYPE Formula E racing car.

      You can select I‑PACE’s Eco Driving Mode to consistently monitor battery power too. Eco Mode signposts how efficiently you are driving, by displaying a ‘driving style rating’ in the message centre, helping you to adapt your driving style if required. Eco Mode also reduces energy output by making subtle changes to cabin temperature and air recirculation.

      Heating and cooling of the vehicle has a real effect on I‑PACE’s available range, but there are a number of ways the vehicle counteracts this in an energy efficient style, taking the pressure off you, the driver.

      Using the Remote smartphone app, or the Touchscreen, you can pre-condition the cabin of I‑PACE to your preference while the vehicle is on charge. By doing this, energy is taken from the grid rather than the car’s battery, enabling you to get the temperature just as you like it without draining power.

      While on the move, the innovative use of a Heat Pump facilitates the extraction of heat from the outside air and on-board electronic technology to manage the temperature of the cabin.

      The Heat Pump extracts heat from the outside air to manage the cabin temperature, and preserve battery power.

      This expansion and evaporation process in the Heat Pump counteracts the loss of range associated with typical air conditioning units, by avoiding relying solely on battery power to adjust the climate in the cabin.

      Driving at speeds of 65mph or above for a sustained period, instructs the optional Active Air Suspension system to automatically lower I‑PACE to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag. Not only does this enhance performance, but increases the battery range.

      With the intuitive technology to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and exceptional Jaguar performance in an electrified package, it’s time to explore the future of car ownership with the new all-electric Jaguar I‑PACE.

      I-PACE connected to an AC public charging point with a Mode 3 public charging cable.

      Model pictured is I‑PACE HSE in Corris Grey with optional features fitted. Contact Your local Jaguar retailer for more information.

      *EV range figures are based upon WLTP (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure), the new process that has been phased in from 2017, which measures fuel, energy consumption, range and emissions in passenger vehicles in Europe. This is designed to provide figures closer to real-world driving behaviour. It tests vehicles with optional equipment and with a more demanding test procedure and driving profile. Official EU test figures from manufacturer tests under EU legislation. For comparative purposes only. Real world figures and overall EV performance data may vary according to driving and environmental variables.

      ** Actual charge times may vary according to environmental conditions and available charging installation.

      This figure has been obtained from the 'Driving and Parking Patterns of European Car Drivers' mobility survey, conducted by the European Commission.
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      Combining next generation electric car technology, and state-of-the art design and engineering, discover the benefits of life with Jaguar I‑PACE.


      Create your very own I‑PACE with our configurator; handpick your preferred performance, technology and style for the ultimate personalised experience.


      Now you can experience living with I‑PACE at the touch of a button. The GO I‑PACE App calculates cost savings compared to your current vehicle and charging requirements based on your typical driving distances. You can download from the Apple App Store here, coming soon to Android.