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    Limited edition Jaguars are highly coveted amongst car lovers. Jaguar's Wayne Burgess explains the thinking behind these rare and wonderful beasts.

    • Wayne Burgess, Jaguar’s Production Studio Director, shows us around the new strictly limited edition F-TYPE 400 Sport, whilst explaining his love of Easter eggs and telling us why Jaguar will always make sports cars.

      Exterior of the F-TYPE 400 Sport
      Rear of the F-TYPE 400 Sport

      What is Jaguar’s thinking behind the production of limited edition models, such as the F-TYPE 400 SPORT?

      Principally, it's to create additional interest or to reinvigorate interest in a car line. We normally align them to a vehicle's initial launch, then to its mid-cycle freshening, and finally towards the end of its life to give it a final 'hurrah' as it were.

      Do limited edition models hold their value better?

      Yes, they do, and this adds to their desirability in the first instance. For example, in the case of the F-PACE First Edition, which I believe we limited to around 3,000 vehicles, the model sold out very quickly and demand hugely outstripped supply. So those cars will definitely be sought after on the used car market.

      How do you approach developing a limited edition car - and does such a vehicle afford designers and engineers an opportunity to indulge their more personal tastes and desires?

      It depends on when in the vehicle's lifecycle the limited edition will be released. For launch editions, we tend to base those on the colours and specifications of the show cars that we use for the global reveal, customers then feel they're buying the actual car that (Jaguar Director of Design) Ian Callum pulled the covers off at a motor show. The spec of a launch edition normally includes the same road wheel style and interior trim details as the global reveal cars and, yes, we do have fun by including little details like Jaguar print seat tags. The launch edition normally represents the design team’s view of the best colours, trim specs and road wheel options – always the biggest diameter possible! So yes, there is definitely an element of us designing cars for ourselves.

      Jaguar is renowned for adding what you describe as Easter eggs to their cars. What exactly do you mean by Easter eggs?

      Easter eggs are those hidden details within our cars that might not reveal themselves to a customer on first acquaintance. I often talk about 'Sunday morning moments’, whereby a customer has owned a car for the first week or so, and they're washing it for the first time. It's then that they might notice the Jaguar Leaper hidden in a headlamp or tail lamp, like a tiny piece of Lalique crystal. On the interior, in an F-TYPE for example, they might not have seen the central air vents rise out of the dashboard, or have noticed that the dynamic switch toggle is like something out of a Eurofighter cockpit.

      And what such treats can we expect to find hidden in the 400 Sport?

      Well that whole car is an Easter egg for me, as it makes such a compelling package on top of an already highly desirable car. I guess, at a more tangible level, the Easter eggs on the 400 Sport are things like the bright yellow detailing theme that reveals itself on the unique exterior badging and brake callipers, and then reappears in the contrast stitch detailing on the interior. It's very coherent and totally considered. Likewise, the technical grey detailing of the exterior body kit and road wheels. As for other Easter eggs, well they’re for owners to discover on a Sunday morning.

      Exterior of the F-TYPE 400 Sport
      Exterior the F-TYPE 400 Sport

      In your opinion, why is it important for Jaguar to have a sports car at the top of its range?

      Quite simple really, Jaguar has a wonderful history of producing some of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. It's therefore our birth-right and our responsibility to the Jaguar brand, to maintain this legacy. We feel, in F-TYPE, that we've created a car worthy of its place in that illustrious bloodline.


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