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  1. Jaguar F-PACE From Behind The Lens

    Posing kerbside with Jaguar F‑PACE

    • Published: 23/02/18

      From a suburban landscape to an urban jungle, F-PACE is comfortable wherever the brief takes us.

      The task at hand: we’re taking to the streets of London to capture F-PACE’s best angles. And I, the assistant on the shoot, have been challenged to report on how well F-PACE rises to the challenge.

      Delivery Day

      Eagerly awaiting the delivery of F-PACE, I can’t help but keep peering outside. When the time finally comes, F-PACE doesn’t disappoint. In a striking Firenze Red, leather interior, all of the extras and just 64 miles on the clock; I’m eager to kick-start this shoot.

      Firenze Red F-PACE

      Packing the car and driving to location ahead of a shoot is normally just part of the job – not today. F-PACE floats through the side streets and when we hit the motorway it just glides through the miles – being 80% aluminium must help.

      Before I know it, we’ve arrived in London. Even parallel parking becomes a dream, and as I turn the Jaguar drive selector to reverse, F-PACE springs into action. The optional Parking Pack with Surround Camera displays a 360-degree view of the surrounding area and the parking aids kick in to assist. I manoeuvre easily into my allocated space, for once hoping that someone is watching.

      Day One


      It's a chilly and early start to our shoot, however, it’s made more bearable as I pre-heat the cabin of F-PACE with the handy Remote Premium App. I climb into a more-than-welcoming driver’s cabin and we make our way across a dormant London. Brixton is the first location on the shot list. Geared up with coffee and a great crew, we set to work on delivering the brief.

      (Left) Firenze Red F-PACE with track detail (Right) Badge detail shot


      As we’re driven from one location to another, the crew and I charge our phones using the USB points and check our emails with F-PACE’s handy Wi-Fi hotspot. But we wouldn’t have put this car through its paces if we didn’t take the opportunity to indulge in the Meridian’s 11-speaker, 380W sound system… and it doesn’t disappoint. Today’s choice, the new album from Gorillaz. Travelling across London we arrive at our next location – the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, where heroes were made during London 2012.

      F-PACE at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

      Setting up shots, using inspiration from the outside world and taking design cues from the urban environment is what we do – but I can’t help but be inspired by the shapes that make F-PACE. The London Aquatics Centre itself is a beautiful building. The way the curvature of the roof just flows, breaking up the harshness of this concrete-heavy environment. It seemed like the perfect place to showcase the rear haunches of F-PACE. So many SUVs are big and bulky – but not this, it’s really held on to its sporting DNA.


      Yet again we’re chasing the light, trying to complete the shot list for the day before Mother Nature takes it away. However, the saving grace is knowing that packing up won’t be the usual game of boot Tetris. There’s plenty of room, 1,740 litres* of boot space to be exact.

      Indus Silver F-PACE

      Day Two


      It’s another early one. Day two brings another car, another set list and another day of tight timings – fingers crossed London’s traffic takes mercy on us. London is a vast and complex city full of sharp architecture and hidden design gems. During the recce, we were on the lookout for side streets and exposed concrete that worked with the form and body shape of F-PACE, but didn’t overwhelm the design subtleties.

      (Left) Indus Silver F-PACE kerbside (Right) F-PACE face on


      Posing kerbside around town. It's a real looker, both inside and out. F-PACE demands attention, people can’t help but stop and take a look; it’s easy to see now how it was crowned 2017’s best and most beautiful car in the world.


      The final location, the Gherkin. Framed by the full glass-roof option, the view is panoramic, literally.

      View of the Gherkin via optional panoramic roof

      Exploring and capturing interior shots can often be deemed the less exciting part of a shoot, but this just isn’t the case when it comes to F-PACE’s cabin.

      (Left) Hidden cabin storage (Right) F-PACE equips the driver

      We’ve purposely left it until later in the day to capture the car's interior. The subtle lighting and design details are what sets this SUV apart from the rest. Encompassing the very essence of Jaguar, it’s indulgent without being over the top. Providing the perfect blend of practicality and style, it’s easy to capture the award-winning design whilst showcasing its sublime usability.


      After several hours of being in the zone we’ve all really noticed and appreciated how much F-PACE puts the driver and the driver’s needs first. The bit we love? The optional Activity Key. It lets you lock and unlock the car simply by touching the ‘J’ of Jaguar on F-PACE’s tailgate – all with a handy waterproof wrist band.

      The bit we all really love?

      You can add additional Activity Keys which is a super handy option when different members of the team need access to the car at different times of the day. There’s no more frantic team pocket-pat-downs for who has the key!


      As we pack up I realise just how accustomed I’ve become to the optional extras F-PACE offers me. Not only do I love the Activity Key, I find myself yet again using the Powered Gesture Tailgate.

      I questioned whether I’d use the Powered Gesture Tailgate. Opening and closing the boot is something I'd been doing for years. But when it becomes as simple as presenting your foot under one of the car’s rear corners, with no need to touch the car or your key, it’s ideal when packing those larger items. It also means the end of the circus act, that we normally perform when packing up at the end of a shoot.

      *When rear seats folded and when Tyre Repair System is fitted.
      Models shown are F-PACE 3.0d, V6D Diesel 300ps Auto, 2017 Model Year with optional features and Indus Silver F-PACE 2.0d I4D AJ200 Diesel 180ps 2017 Model Year with optional features. Contact your local Jaguar retailer for more information.