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  1. See Design In A New Light: Jaguar F-PACE

    Capturing the design fluidity of the award-winning Jaguar F-PACE

    • Published: 23/03/18

      Showcasing the dynamic design of F-PACE in a way never shown before, was the aim of a film recently produced by Jaguar in pitch black, floodlit with ultraviolet light.

      In a mesmerising depiction of ‘automotive artwork’ F-PACE ‘See Design In A New Light’ features a custom-built, matt-black F-PACE awash with thousands of droplets of illuminated flow-visualisation paint (flow-vis).

      With the aid of ultraviolet light and an industrial fan, the paint quivers as if dancing along the car’s body, swooping along the roofline and bonnet to leave behind a web of luminous tracks, capturing each design element featured in the car.

      “Jaguar is all about exciting the senses, so using the sense of vision, we thought, what is the most dramatic way we can reveal the F-PACE out of the darkness?” said Nick Hearne, Creative Director at Jaguar’s creative agency, Spark44.

      “UV liquid was the perfect solution as it allowed us to expose each area part by part. Aerodynamics feature heavily in the design, so when we blew air onto the paint, naturally it flowed down those design lines,” he added.


    • See Design In A New Light acts as an homage to the craftsmanship that landed F-PACE the 2017 World Car Of The Year and 2017 World Car Design Of The Year awards, said Nick: “We saw this as a scientific art project, we wanted to create something visually stunning and show the distinctive body of F-PACE in a completely different way.”

      He added: “The car we used had done a solid tour of duty as a photographic asset for F-PACE campaigns, and this was its last hurrah. We painted it matt black, everything from the windscreens to the headlights, to get the effect we wanted.”

      Nick spent months working alongside 76 Ltd production company and The Machine Shop special effects team, fine-tuning the technical preparations required for the shoot. Ensuring the utmost accuracy, was key to the video’s execution, and rigorous testing was essential to achieving the perfect result.

      Nick said: “Experts helped determine the perfect viscosity of the paint and the best height and angles to drop the liquid; even building a bespoke rig to enable the release of each droplet of paint at exactly the same time.” 

      The crew who filmed F-PACE See Design In A New Light were equipped with protective goggles and high-factor sunblock to protect themselves from the ultraviolet exposure, and were under the close watch of F-PACE Exterior Design Manager Paven Patel.

      Paven is part of the close-knit design team who devised the initial sketches and themes for F-PACE’s exterior. After a selection of six was whittled down, with the final three themes presented as clay models, Paven’s proposal for the body-shape of Jaguar F-PACE was the one selected as the final design.

      He said: “I was very lucky to be able to take my idea all the way through to production. The F-PACEs we see now, I worked on about three years ago, so seeing them out on the road is really refreshing and provides a whole different perspective on the car.”

      Paven said: “Flow-vis is a visual representation of the aerodynamic work that we do in the design studio. We spend a lot of time honing the surfaces and making sure that the car looks dynamic from an exterior design point of view, and that’s what we wanted the video to represent, the fluidity and speed of the design.”

      F-PACE Exterior Design Manager, Paven Patel

      When devising the initial sketches for F-PACE, Paven knew that our first performance crossover had to be something completely unique, which would encapsulate the elegance and beauty expected from a Jaguar.

      He said: “Because the SUV market was very established, we had to come in with something that was quite special, that really represented the brand, but also stood out.”


      “With F-PACE we wanted to create a car that proportionally was amazing, and to get the profile exactly right. It had to be something people could live with every day and was practical as well as elegant and sporty.”

      He added: “There was also a real opportunity to create design leadership in areas, such as the 22-inch wheels, nothing in its class has a wheel that size.”

      Paven noted that the highlights and proportions of the car were ‘beautifully presented’ by the UV paint, in a way you can really see how aerodynamics influences the design.

      “Representing the body shape and artistry of design behind F-PACE is essentially what we were trying to visually communicate. Jaguars are always known for being beautiful and elegant cars and a Jaguar customer will always expect a vehicle they can connect to emotionally. This represents that perfectly.”

      Jaguar F-PACE from its launch in April 2016, became the fastest selling car in Jaguar’s 94-year history.

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