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  1. Jaguar’s Adaptive Dynamics & Configurable Dynamics

    A Jaguar is built to respond.

    • Published: 15/08/17

      Using technologies derived from F-TYPE, every model in our range can read the road and answer every touch of the steering wheel. So, when you’re behind the wheel, our technologies are working to give you that Jaguar sports car feeling. Read on to find out about two technologies that make this possible – Jaguar’s Configurable Dynamics and Adaptive Dynamics.

      Availability of Adaptive Dynamics and Configurable Dynamics is dependent on model and options chosen.

      What is Configurable Dynamics?

      Configurable Dynamics allows you to personalise the dynamics of your Jaguar, giving you a drive that suits your style. Dynamic Mode amplifies sporting character, with faster gear shifts, sharper throttle response, and increased steering weighting. With Configurable Dynamics, you can individually adjust each of these to create your own completely personal Jaguar drive.

      What is Adaptive Dynamics?

      Adaptive Dynamics helps you to take every road in your stride, from motorway stretches to country switchbacks and city centre streets. You’ll be able to go from one driving style and one set of conditions to another, with Adaptive Dynamics changing the response of your vehicle to help you to enjoy whichever road you’re on. Unlike Configurable Dynamics which requires your input, Adaptive Dynamics works in the background to adjust automatically as you drive.

      When Adaptive Dynamics is paired with Configurable Dynamics, you’ll also be able to choose your suspension settings in addition to the engine, steering, and gear personalisation already offered by Configurable.

      How does Adaptive Dynamics work?

      Adaptive Dynamics is a combination of intelligent sensors and continuously variable suspension dampers. The system constantly adjusts the dampers to provide the optimum balance between comfort and refinement at all times. The system adapts 500 times a second to steering movement and 100 times a second to body movements. It analyses acceleration, cornering, throttle and brake pedal activity, as well as kick-down activation on models with automatic transmission. The adaptive dampers can then use this information to constantly adjust and fine-tune to give you a composed ride with maximum control.

      Which models are Adaptive and Configurable Dynamics available on?

      Configurable Dynamics is available on Jaguar XE, XF, F-PACE and F-TYPE, but is not available on XJ. Adaptive Dynamics is available across all models. Please refer to detailed specifications for more information as availability of these features will depend on powertrain and transmission.