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    Discover the hidden gems of our most award-winning Jaguar.

    • Published: 19/10/18

      Jaguar XF holds its position as the most award-winning Jaguar ever, possessing an unrivalled combination of style and substance.

      XF played a key role in cultivating a whole new design language for Jaguar, and inspired subsequent launches of the more compact sports saloon, XE, and XF Sportbrake, which delivers an agile ride with added practicality. We explore some of the surprising features that define XF and help distinguish it as one of the best in its class.

      1) XF is the most aerodynamic Jaguar ever

      A title held jointly with XE, Jaguar XF is the most aerodynamic vehicle ever produced by Jaguar. Every line has been sculpted to minimise XF’s air resistance.

      XF’s aerodynamics are balanced, as the engineering team have controlled lift throughout the body of the car, and the front bumper is shaped to split airflow between the upper part and underbody of the car to minimise positive lift. The underbody of XF is covered to create a flat surface, reducing both lift and drag. Towards the back of the car, the raised boot lid’s trailing edge creates a high pressure region over the rear, helping to push the car down towards the road surface. It really is all in the detail.

      Every surface of XF has been considered for aerodynamics – and the result is a drag coefficient as low as 0.26Cd, the lowest ever achieved by Jaguar.

      2) Each of XF’s body side panels weigh less than 6kg

      Each of XF’s body side panels are stamped from a single sheet of 6000-series aluminium alloy and weigh under 6kg. Overall, XF is up to 190kg lighter than its predecessor; this weight-saving is only made possible by its aluminium-intensive architecture.

      Lighter bodywork means XF can feature F-TYPE-derived technologies, such as advanced integral rear link suspension, without increasing its overall weight. XF has a near-perfect 50:50 weight balance and is 28% stiffer than the original XF, which all contribute to its outstanding driving dynamics and distinguished performance.

      3) We’ve designed every sound you hear in the cabin

      XF’s aerodynamic credentials also minimise wind noise on the outside. And this means we’ve been able to design exactly the right noise for the interior cabin; that serene Jaguar feeling doesn’t happen by chance.

      When it comes to aero acoustics, a lot of work is put into combatting the noises you don’t want to hear – wind noise from the bodywork and from outside the vehicle. With XF you get a sense of calm, but with a touch of Jaguar growl – and that’s exactly how it was engineered from the start.

      We use a combination of virtual and physical testing, including binaural headsets that record the exact sound heard in the cabin from all the seats. They’re even shaped like human heads to account for differences in each of your ears. Our engineers can then listen back to the recordings and use this to fine tune any changes on the exterior of the car to ensure they’re creating the right atmosphere on the inside.

      4) XF’s Adaptive Dynamics system adapts – 500 times a second

      Adaptive Dynamics monitors body movement 100 times a second and measures wheel movement 500 times a second. That means whether you’re cruising on the motorway, cornering on country roads or navigating around town, XF adapts to match the conditions and your driving style. The control algorithms are now more advanced than ever, so XF really is no-compromise; you get both low-speed ride comfort as well as agility and handling at higher speeds.

      Adaptive Dynamics is optional with all engines excluding the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 163PS Diesel and comes as standard on XF S.

      5) InControl updates make XF’s infotainment the most advanced yet*

      It is attention to detail that makes a space luxurious, and the latest XF’s interior does even more to capture this. The large central Touchscreen – your hub for all things entertainment, navigation and climate control – has increased in size from 8” to 10.2” for even easier usability and convenience for the driver. This technology comes as standard across the range.

      In addition, XF is now even better equipped to keep you connected while on the move. Every new XF comes with a SIM card which offers 500MB of data per month, free of charge, for three years. As part of this Essential data plan you will be able to receive live traffic updates and more, or for additional in-car streaming and WiFi hotspot usage, data top-up plans are available.

      Subtle enhancements including the upgrade of the standard 6-Speaker Audio System from an 80W to an 180W power output, ensure rich and immersive sound quality when you are listening to music. Plus, you can now access and listen to content direct from your smartphone as part of the new optional Smartphone pack.

      The Smartphone pack’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto** gives you control over apps including Spotify, Audible, hands-free SMS messaging, phone and Apple Music via the Touchscreen when connected with a supplied cable. Or integrated voice control easily activated by the voice button mounted on the steering wheel, makes selecting your favourite playlist, podcast or audiobook even easier.

      6) XF offers more interior space than ever before

      XF has a longer wheelbase compared to the previous generation, and that additional length between the axles, translates into more space in the cabin. The front seats offer a 1055mm leg room, with a 957mm rear leg room, promising greater comfort all-round for your passengers.

      This outstanding practicality is taken to the next level with XF Sportbrake. Designed to be highly versatile and to enable the most active of lifestyles, 40:20:40 rear seat configuration comes as standard on this vehicle, enabling you to fold 1, 2 or 3 of the rear seats at once, adapting easily to meet your storage needs. With all rear seats folded, XF Sportbrake offers a cavernous loadspace of up to 1,700 litres or a space that is two metres in length and one metre in width at its narrowest point, enough room to store two bikes comfortably.

      Models pictured are the Jaguar XF 3.0D S RWD Auto in Yulong White with Ebony interior and XF Sportbrake 3.0D S RWD Auto in Yulong White with Brogue interior with optional features fitted. Contact your local Jaguar retailer for more information.

      *All in-car features should be used by drivers only when safe for them to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.

      **Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.

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