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Discover all you need to know about our most efficient engine ever, from what it is, to what it does, to how it will save you money.


Simply put, Ingenium is the future of Jaguar engines. Costing £500 million, the Ingenium is a state-of-the-art car engine designed and engineered from scratch at our Engine Manufacturing Centre in the West Midlands. The Ingenium engine was built to maximise performance and environmental sustainability at the same time as driving down running costs for car owners.

Already, the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine has been introduced to our XF and XE models, and will eventually feature in most current and new models.

"Customers around the world are increasingly demanding cleaner-running, more efficient vehicles that maintain or even enhance the performance attributes expected of a rugged all-terrain vehicle or a high performance car. Our Ingenium engines deliver this to a new level." Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Group Engineering Director.
Disassembled Ingenium Engine of Jaguar.


  • Our most fuel-efficient engine ever. Can achieve up to 75.0mpg* (combined cycle).
  • Environmentally friendly. Lowering harmful gas emissions including CO2 and nitrogen oxides.
  • Money saving. Better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions means less money on fuel and tax. Service intervals are also longer.
  • Enhanced performance. Higher torque for quicker acceleration.
  • Smooth and quiet drive. Thanks to a lighter engine and technical improvements.
  • All-terrain capability. Retains off-road and towing performance.

Ingenium engines have been subject to over two-million miles of real-world testing and over 72,000 hours of dyno testing – comparable to eight years of worst-case scenario operating conditions.
Black Jaguar XF R-Sport driving on highway.


At Jaguar, we are always committed to developing new technology to improve our vehicles’ performance and driving experience. The Ingenium engine embodies this ethos and ensures our vehicles meet new Euro 6 emissions standards that come into effect on 1st September 2015.

A key feature of the Ingenium engine is its future-proofing. Having been developed from scratch by some of the world’s finest automotive engineers, the engine was designed without compromise and with one eye on tomorrow. As well as complying with EU legislation, the state-of-the-art engine can be adapted to integrate future technology advances and regulation changes.

Ingenium is also a prime example of Jaguar’s commitment to British engineering and manufacturing. We’ve been able to create 6,900 UK jobs at the Jaguar Land Rover Engine Manufacturing Centre and in the supply chain by bringing engine production in-house.

"Being configurable and flexible are the two key strands of Ingenium – it will be able to accept new advances in fuel, turbocharging, emissions, performance and electrification technologies when they are ready.” Ron Lee, Jaguar Land Rover Director of Powertrain Engineering
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Ingenium offers excellent environmental sustainability thanks to significantly improved fuel efficiency and new technology.

Jaguar XE, boasting a 163PS manual engine, has a fuel economy of up to 75.0mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of just 99g/km. Similar results are found in the All-New XF model, which runs at up to 70.6mpg with CO2 emissions as low as 104g/km.

An essential feature of the emissions reduction is a new urea-based diesel exhaust fluid that helps break down harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides. Other contributors to better fuel economy and lower emissions include the engine’s lighter aluminium build and its advanced friction-reducing technology.


Compared to previous engines, running a Jaguar with an Ingenium engine will indeed save you money.

You’ll start noticing the benefits to your wallet immediately thanks to the engine’s increased fuel efficiency. For example, assume you drive 300 miles a week on average, paying £1.15 per litre of diesel. A 10mpg improvement in fuel economy, from 40mpg to 50mpg, amounts to an annual saving of £408.

Calculate your own predicted saving by switching to Ingenium

Vehicles equipped with an Ingenium engine will also fall into a lower car tax band thanks to reduced CO2 emissions. For instance, a 2.0 litre Jaguar XE equipped with a 163PS Ingenium diesel engine, and with 99g/km of emissions, will fall into the lowest car tax band, band A, where tax will cost £0 for the first and subsequent years.

The 2.0 litre 163PS All-New XF and the more powerful 180PS XE engines fall under tax band B, meaning tax will cost nothing for the first year, and just £20 thereafter. The All-New XF 2.0 litre 180PS will cost a little more - £0 for the first year, and only £30 per year, under tax band C.

Visit Next Green Car for more information on tax bands.

How about those of you who really rack up the miles? You’ll be pleased to hear that servicing intervals for Ingenium-equipped vehicles have been extended by 30% from 16,000 to 21,000 miles. This extension is achieved thanks to several innovations that combine to lower oil consumption and to clean up the combustion process, ensuring your oil remains cleaner for longer.


The Ingenium engine is available in both the Jaguar XE and XF.

To try out the Ingenium engine, book a Jaguar test drive.

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*Official fuel consumption for Jaguar XE Range in mpg (l/100km): Urban 24.4-64.2 (11.6-4.4); Extra Urban 46.3-83.1 (6.1-3.4); Combined 34.9-75.0 (8.1-3.8). CO2 Emissions 194-99 g/km. Official EU test figures. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ.


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