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We are delighted to receive your submitted Content (photo, video, post, and/or other online content) for us to use in promotion or other commercial activity for JLR products and services.

Now that you are proceeding to the next stage, we ask that you please reply #YES to confirm your understanding and agreement to the terms of use of the Content. This was generally described in the entry terms; now that you have proceeded to the next stage and in order be clear on our permitted use of the Content here are the terms and conditions that apply.

By replying “#YES” you grant JLR (Jaguar Land Rover Limited, its Group Companies and Retailer networks) the perpetual right to use the Content for any lawful commercial purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, use on any social media platform, in advertising, and for the promotion of JLR, its products or services, regardless of the media used. In addition, JLR may edit, change or alter the Content at its discretion. There is no fee or payment, just the creative excitement of entry and kudos of selection. Unfortunately It is not practical to refer any assets to you for any review or attribution. We do need to know that you and we are in the clear to make use of the Content - you confirm (as a warranty) to us that :-
1. you are the owner of the Content you have provided, together with all intellectual property rights within it inclusive of copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, publicity rights, and privacy rights, or
2. if you are not the owner of such rights, you have already obtained permission from the owner of such rights and have the authority to grant us this permission
3. our use of your Content will not infringe the intellectual property rights, publicity rights, or privacy rights of any third party, or require the payment of any compensation to any third party;
4. nothing in the Content is likely to be considered defamatory, obscene, or threatening to any third party;
5. you are of full age and have the right to enter into this agreement in your own name.
You release us, and confirm your personal responsibility for any breach of the above.
Thank you.

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