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  • TV
    • Can I view more than one TV channel in my vehicle?
      Depending on your vehicle’s specification and the reception quality, it may be possible to view up to three channels simultaneously.

      Multiple TV antennas located in the vehicle’s architecture make it possible to view one channel on the left rear screen, a second on the right rear screen, and a third on the front Touchscreen. However the front Touchscreen is only viewable if the vehicle is stationary – once the vehicle is moving only the audio will play.

      When one TV channel is being viewed, the signal from multiple antennas combines to help provide a stronger signal and improve picture quality.
    • When I insert a DVD into the drive slot, why doesn’t it play automatically?
      To avoid interrupting the media source that’s currently playing. This function is especially useful for vehicles equipped with a Rear Seat Entertainment system. In this case, to avoid disturbing other passengers, the DVD may be played on the rear screens with the audio played over the wireless headphones.
    • Can I control and monitor content on the rear screens from the front of the vehicle?
      Yes, select the media playing screen from the front Touchscreen and tap ‘rear media’. You can now see what each screen is currently playing.

      From this screen, the front passenger can also change media sources and/or channels/stations/tracks, depending on the source in use.

      The driver can also choose to listen to the same audio as the Rear Seat Entertainment over the cabin audio. At this point the rear passengers will have full control of the cabin audio volume.

      Please note that only front or rear passengers can have access to the volume control at one time. It’s not possible for the volume to be adjusted from both the rear and front of the vehicle simultaneously.
    • What features are available in the new Rear Seat Entertainment system?
      The Rear Seat Entertainment system features include the following:

      • 2 x HD 10.2” 16:9 displays that can be hidden when not in use
      • An all new user interface design
      • A wide range of connectivity for support of various devices such as smartphones/tablets:
      • 2x USB 3.0 interfaces
      • 1x HDMI interface
      • 1x Dual purpose HDMI / MHL inputs
      • On-screen controls for all media, climate and heated/cooled seats (subject to vehicle specification)
      • Supervisor controls for front passengers to control or monitor usage
      • Wireless headphones with support for Dolby Virtual Surround Sound

      A new navigation system (not available in Japan) provides the following capabilities:

      • Full journey status information
      • Full search capability and map browsing (online search if vehicle has a mobile data connection)
      • Satellite imagery (data connection required)
      • A function allowing rear passengers to propose destinations to the driver
    • In the rear media ‘supervisor’ screen, what is the function of the lock button?
      This locks the remote control and prevents users in the rear of the vehicle from changing the channel or volume. This function can be particularly useful when you’re carrying young children in your vehicle.
    • Can I mute/adjust the cabin audio volume from the rear of the vehicle?
      If audio is playing over the vehicle’s sound system, rear passengers can be provided with control of the cabin audio. The remote control unit can then be used to adjust or mute the volume if required.

      When listening to rear media using the vehicle’s wireless headphones, the volume control is located on the side of the headphones.



Our dedicated InControl team will be happy to answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s infotainment system.

InControl features, options and their availability remain market dependent - check with your Retailer for local market availability and full terms. Certain features require an appropriate sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.