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There’s no such thing as a typical fleet or business user. Budgets, financing methods, company emissions policies and priorities vary from one individual to another. That’s why we've grouped the information you're most likely to need by the size of your fleet. Just pick the one that describes your organisation best.

Business Sales

If your business runs up to 100 cars, sourcing and running business cars can be a time-consuming task. Our network of Fleet & Business Retailers is on hand to help.

Fleet Sales

With over 100 cars, running your fleet is a full-time job. Our national Fleet & Business Sales Managers can help meet your criteria and cut operating costs.

Company Car Driver

Business trips. The daily commute. Touring holidays. Choose a Jaguar, and every journey becomes a pleasure.

Chauffeur Programme

Understated prestige and luxurious specifications make Jaguar an exceptional choice for your clients. A combination of low running costs and comprehensive aftersales support makes great business sense too.

Specialist Sales

Jaguar luxury, performance and contemporary style is even more appealing when it’s tax-free. We offer tax-free sales and bespoke services for eligible customers, whether in the UK or serving overseas.

Get in Touch

Jaguar’s specialist Fleet and Business Retailers throughout the UK understand and serve the specific needs of businesses, offering expert advice and Aftersales care to keep your fleet on the road.